Tuesday, March 25, 2014

:: a simple summer party ::

all clothing from joe.ca (bring on the nautical stripes for everyone!)

This snowy spring has me dreaming of warmer days, and the half-birthday party we have planned for our kids. The poor little guys both have birthdays in December and their parties get lost in the shuffle of Christmas (poor Scarlett, our Boxing Day baby!) or cancelled for sickness during the cold & flu season. 

We had the idea this year to have a party in June to celebrate their "half-birthdays" and I'm dreaming of a simple party in the backyard. A sprinkler, happy kids, a BBQ, some popsicles, and some summer vacation favors in these sweet kraft carry boxes we found on Packqueen (filled with bubbles, summer bucket list, cotton candy and sunglasses).

Is it summer yet?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

:: vintage treasures in australia ::

My beautiful Aussie friend Marli moved home to Australia in January (but not before we did this amazing winter friends photo shoot with the talented Genevieve Renee)

 Our boys were best mates, and Hunter still doesn't understand why we can't get together for playdates (maps don't seem to help 4 year olds grasp the concept of distance!). I've been thinking of her often as she settles into her new home, wondering what kind of vintage treasures she must be finding as she sets up her kitchen and bedrooms. She is a master at finding the most beautiful trinkets and an expert user of buy/sell websites. 

Quicksales has quite a few little vintage items that I could totally see her picking up. A little silver coffee press for sunny mornings, perhaps with a side of donuts made with a vintage donut maker? Though I'm not sure they can compare to a Canadian Maple from Tim Hortons....she will just have to come visit to get her fix. And I could totally see her crafting a dollhouse from a vintage suitcase for her little girl. Isn't that the most adorable idea?

this post was supported by Quicksales Australia

Sunday, February 9, 2014

:: app review - waterlogue ::

I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks back and noticed that Mom101 was testing out a new app. She had taken a picture of her daughter and turned it into a watercolour, and it was so beautiful I skipped to the app store and bought it immediately. Luckily, we had a gorgeous sunset that night, and I was able to create my first waterlogue watercolour from a photo of our backyard. I have not stopped playing with it since :)

The next day, I snapped a bunch of photos of a sunny walk in fish creek park,

one of our favourite picnic spots,

and my little Hunter pulling along his sled on the empty path. Ican't wait to print this one for his room.

I loved transforming some of our photos from our dream weekend at Lake Louise (post to come). 

I haven't found it's worked great for me with faces, but it's lovely with silhouettes. This was our breakfast view at the Chateau Lake Louise.

It's wonderful with dramatic landscapes. And I love seeing our little boy among the big mountains.

I can't wait to use it in the spring and summer once gardens are in bloom. Until then, a simple Costco bouquet is made beautiful in Waterlogue.

Have you jumped on the Waterlogue train yet? I think it's absolutely worth the $2.99 pricetag, especially if the watercolours print nicely for display in your home. I'm hoping to get some prints this week and I promise to report back.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

:: carina organics - sweet pea baby shampoo :: {great canadian companies}

is there anything more delicious than a fresh from the bath baby?

We planted sweet peas in our garden last year, and absolutely loved watching them creep up our trellis and then open up in a rainbow of colours. I would cut them and bring them inside to scent our house with their gorgeous fragrance. Though they would only last a day or two at most, they brought us so much joy with their delicate form and beautiful smell.

When we were vacationing in BC over the summer I noticed them growing wild beside the road. Actually, there were so many amazing flowers growing beside the roads I was often tempted to pull over just to grab a few to see if they might grow in my garden back home!

When I was contacted by Carina Organics to try their baby shampoo and body wash, I was immediately intrigued by the BC-based companies ingredients.

Throughout the year, ingredients such as Alfalfa, Chamomile, Echinacea, Nettle, Red Clover, along with a variety of botanical tree essences, are hand selected and harvested from different regions of the Pacific Northwest's forests and farms. With a distinct focus on holistic remedies, craft, and quality, all Carina products are manufactured by hand on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. 

We absolutely love the body wash. Scarlett's head smells like a little sweet pea! It's a lovely smell, not too strong, and the formula is tear free too. It's nice to have a little reminder of summer in the midst of this very very snowy November!

I would highly recommend this awesome Canadian company, and I can't wait to try the adult shampoo and conditioner on myself. I've been trying to be more careful with our products ever since reading Gillian Deacon's "There's Lead in your Lipstick" and these products pass the test.

If you live in Calgary, you can pick up Carina Organics products at Amaranth and Community Natural Foods, or, you can purchase them online at the Carina Organics website.

Monday, November 18, 2013

:: christmas photo cards from minted ::

With our move coming up in December, I've been trying to get all my Christmas planning and shopping done early. I'm determined to send out Christmas cards this year, especially because I never did get around to sending out announcement cards for Scarlett's birth. At least our family members far away can "meet" her through our card!

I love how you can see your picture on multiple cards on Minted's website. I think I must have a thing for swirly fonts, because all of my favourites feature that type of typography.

Which one is your favourite?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

:: buying art online - saatchi ::

We are in house buying limbo right now, and I'm trying to stop obsessively checking my email to see if any new listings have popped up. I'm distracting myself by planning out some new ideas for the decor in our house, online shopping and checking out new websites.

I found Saatchi recently and was intrigued by the concept of buying art from up and coming artists. We are planning on going with a much brighter colour scheme in our new home, by painting all the walls in our living spaces white. I love the way art pops against a white wall, and since we don't have a lot of wall space for art in our current home, I'm excited to splurge on a large piece for our new home.

Here are a few photographs and online paintings that I liked. All the art in our home right now features some sort of tree, so I thought I would see what came up when I searched forest. It's the one thing my hubby and I can agree on!

Forest VI -  John Boar (Sweden) 

The Great Forest  - Susan Anderson (United Kingdom)

Birch Kia Taegan (Finland)

Pine Forest - Shaun Lowe (Canada)

It's a really neat website, and I like how you can learn a bit about the artist and view the rest of their portfolio. Once we have found our new home, I'll be visiting these favourites again to see which would work best in our space. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

:: hello out there - confessions ::

One of my favourite photos ever (credit: Genevieve Renee Photographie) with Hunter all cuddled up and Scarlett in my belly :)

Soooo….my last post was in May. Those fish tacos were pretty amazing, but wow….so much has happened since then.

In the style of my fave redhead/wedding planner/all-around great gal Sara of Saige Wisdom and Top Knot Events, I'll do a little confessions post for anyone who is wondering what the heck has happened to me and my blog.

1. Life with two kids is so ridiculously busy. The older one doesn't nap, and the younger one doesn't sleep at night, so it makes for long days and long nights. I'm surviving on lots of coffee!

2. I write a lot of blog posts in my head and then never get around to typing them out before I forget them. And they never sound as good at the computer as they did while I was walking/showering/folding laundry. I need some sort of mind control typing thing that would take my thoughts and put them straight into blogger. I might even become a daily blogger that way! Ha!

3. I had a bit of a blog identity crisis and set up another blog (Bows & Arrows). I want to start writing over there about life as mom to one girl and one boy, and about some other things, like living more simply, decorating our new house, books we love, inspirational parenting/motherhood style stuff……but there is something about the blank slate of a new site that has me feeling overwhelmed at where to start. I feel like I have outgrown Mon Petit Amour but yet I'm not sure if I have it in me to build something brand new, even though I know once I got into it I'd really enjoy the creative outlet! Any other bloggers experience the 5 year itch?

4. We sold our house! We will be homeless in mid-December and are looking forward to finding a really cute little house with loads of potential to renovate in an older neighbourhood. So maybe Mon Petit Amour will turn into Ma Petite Maison? 

5. Instagram has really filled the void of not blogging. All my blogging friends are on there, and sharing photos and little captions is so much easier than sitting down to write out a thoughtful post these days. My kids have been going to bed a bit earlier with Daylight Savings though, so perhaps there is hope for blogging after all! (I'm on there under bowsandarrowsblog)

6. I have a really big backlog of reviews to post, so if you like to read that type of thing, stay tuned for some of our experiences borrowing some great vehicles from Ford Canada, trying some awesome new Canadian organic baby shampoo, and visiting an amazing new toy store here in Calgary.

I promise to be back sooner than 6 months from now :)