Friday, June 11, 2010

:: matt & nat diaper bags on beyond the rack ::

My son is 6 months old and (gasp!) I don't have a diaper bag. And yes, we go out a lot. Why don't I have a diaper bag? Mostly because I like to change purses a lot, and I never found one that was:

a) nice, yet not over $100
b) not so huge I would get indents in my shoulder from carrying it around
c) not like everyone else's

So, I'm browsing Beyond the Rack today and see that Canadian designers Matt & Nat have a diaper bag. And it's cute and trendy and decidedly un-diaper bag looking. And $79! I may have to eat my words and buy one. Isn't it nice? Which colour would you choose?


  1. did you fore-go your rowdy? i would pick the white though i know it'd get soiled quick. i'm all about white.

    it's been nearly 3 years sans purse for me and i don't see an end anytime soon... i've loved my petunia's though the prices were steep. my fave is anything i can toss on my back because we're always going/walking somewhere!

    i tend to overpack so for next baby, i've chosen the skip hop duo - plenty o' pockets for me!

  2. Yeah, don't you have that awesome Rowdy?? I'll take it if you don't want it anymore! ;-)

  3. I do still have the rowdy and I love it but I like to have a white bag in the summer. I got a great cross body London Fog bag on Beyond the Rack a couple of weeks back that I am using.

    I do like the Rowdy - but it's kinda small. I'm sure I'll start using it again in fall/winter.

  4. boo! I see the event is now over. Probably for the best. Which did you get? I would have gone for the teal one myself.

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