Monday, August 9, 2010

:: urbanwalls - canadian vinyl decals ::

I love getting emails from readers, and when they happen to own an awesome (and Canadian!) Etsy shop I love it even more because it gives me something exciting to write about. On especially early mornings (5:45AM!!!) I often suffer from writers block.

I mean, I could have written about the fab decor we added to Hunter's Nursery this weekend - tinfoil in the windows - but you would all just be too jealous of our stylish new "blackout blinds". Ha! Reason for the horrendous window faux pas? Little H had decided he did not want to sleep at night while it was still light. He wanted to plaaaay....and since it does not get dark until after 9pm, we had to take drastic measures. At least the blackout curtains (that don't work!) cover the aluminum foil. Le sigh! I need to go shopping for blinds this week.

I was thrilled when Paul & Danielle contacted me to tell me about their Vancouver based etsy shop featuring fun and modern vinyl wall decals. Don't you love the owls and heart trees? I know! It's an obsession :)

They are offering 10% off for Mon Petit Amour Readers. Just mention that you read about them here. They are on vacation right now, the lucky ducks, but they are offering a free decal with orders purchased during the month of August. The decals will ship first week of September. More details in their Etsy Shop - Urban Walls.

I have a backlog of review/giveaway emails so I think this week may become a big Deals, Coupons & Giveaway Week! So stay tuned....

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  1. Ahh I know what you mean! I had to put tin foil in my windows when I had eye surgery. Any light peaking through the blinds hurt so badly!


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