Wednesday, October 27, 2010

:: wordless wednesday ::

I shouldn't really call these "wordless wednesdays" because I always want to say something about the photo. Like "LOOK HOW BIG MY BABY IS! He's wearing a tie and walking around and he used to be just a tiny little slow motion baby burrito in my arms!"

Perhaps I am just a little bit more reminiscient of his baby days because I attended a baby shower this weekend and held a little newborn again. I won't say I have the baby fever again yet (H is only 10 months old!) but my temperature is rising.....

Any ideas for another name for my wednesday posts? Anything I think of seems too cheesy......


  1. How about changing it to Foto Fridays?? Then you don't have to be "wordless" on Wednesdays!!

  2. Oooh, I like 'foto fridays' - great way to cap off the week too!

    Quick q - when did Hunter start walking? Leah is thisclose to standing on her own, but is still just cruising around everything..


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