Tuesday, January 25, 2011

:: mimitens - the ultimate mittens for babies ::

I bought a pair of owl mimitens for H before he was born. I loved the concept and knew from my nannying days that they would come in handy. 

We had some fun playing out in the snow this weekend, but the mittens attached to his snowsuit were not cutting it. Everytime he would fall in the snow they would slip off. I remembered that I had the mimitens in his room but when I went to grab them I could only find one! 

I think I am going to have to order another pair....might have to move up to the toddler size though, my boy is getting so big! I'll probably find the other one stashed in a boot or drawer somewhere in the spring. H loves to hide things on me.

I love that these are made of soft organic bamboo cotton and proudly made in Canada too! I love to support Canadian businesses. I'll have to add them to the listings on Oh Canada Baby. Have you checked it out yet? I would love your input - it's a project I have been dreaming up for a while and I am finally getting it up and running!

Do you have any winter weather essentials for your baby or toddler? We also love our Stonz boots!


  1. those gloves look awesome and something I need! Stop by I have an adorable felt food giveaway open internationally!:) thecoolkidsblog.com

  2. How cute! Love the monkey ones. We've been using socks for mittens but as he gets bigger these would be perfect! Baby mittens are hard to find!

    I love your new site - lots of great resources there! I ordered all my diapers online before Hudson was born, and it was hard sorting out which websites were the most reliable and well-priced (I see you have bynature listed - I've purchased a number of products from there. Love them!) I also have been really happy with caterpillarbaby for diapers, and i know continuumfamily is a good Canadian resource for ec'ers. I also love our wooden rattle from TheWoodGarden (on etsy) in southern Ontario (similar to Little Sapling Toys but Canadian!). So many great Canadian options! Thanks for putting this together.

  3. be sure to check out True Cuddles next week. They'll be featuring mimiTENS and the new Smart Pretty collection... at a huge discount!

  4. Thanks for the tip Sarah! I will keep an eye out.

    Hudson & Co - Thank you for the tips on some more shops to add. I also love the WoodGarden....I blogged about them a while back and ordered a teether from them. I'll have to go back and look at the rattles. H still loves rattling things!

    CoolKids - love felt food! I will come and visit!

  5. I love these mittens, I just got a pair for my nephew (the store was already sold out of the smaller ones for my little guy). Such a lot of cool products for little ones out there.



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