Friday, January 28, 2011

:: things i love friday ::

Love that I can spend this weekend hibernating while 25 cm of snow falls in our city. I plan on doing lots of cooking & baking. If only I had these fabulous Joseph Joseph nesting bowls and spoons and cheerful kitchen utensils! If you have a bunch of Aeroplan miles to spend, you can pick them up on their website.

This video made the rounds a few years back, and my students at school never tire of listening to her imaginative tale. Capucine reminds me that I should really speak French with H more often. I adore her accent! 

The blogosphere is abuzz with posts about the Alt Summit. I liked Modern Kiddo's looks like they had so much fun! I'm hoping to attend a blogging conference this year....maybe Blissdom

Love these free printable calendars by RedStamp. The navy and coral chevron is now gracing the front page of my "Morganization" binder. 

These new cereal bars. I don't think I've eaten anything yet that I don't like from Kashi!

Love this fabulous skincare line from Australia. It smells amazing and it's all natural, free of parabens and all that yucky stuff. I bought it on Love that website too!

Love this amazing bottled Bellini from Italy for a girl's night. Had it this week at Famoso Pizza and I can't stop thinking about it!

I am also liking the new font I installed on my blog....but I wonder about the readability. Do you like it? Be honest - I can take it!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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