Friday, February 25, 2011

:: things i love friday ::

- a cold, blustery weekend spent with my little family
- seeing H run on the ice towards the hockey players. Can't wait to get him on skates!
- a quiet Sunday spent cooking, baking and freezing things for the week ahead
- a hot latte to celebrate that Friday is finally here!

I enjoyed my week off blogging. I really needed some time to relax and get some work done - both around my house, and schoolwork. Our house was hit by the man cold too, so I had lots of time to make tea and say "Poor little bunny" to my whimpery husband. It's now a mom cold, but somehow not as serious for moi.

My report cards are coming along and I have a few crafty projects on the go that I will share in some later posts.

I may not have been blogging, but I could never abandon my Google Reader for a whole week. Here are some posts that inspired me this week:

- CoolMomPicks editor Liz has a blog? How did I not know this? Loving Mom 101....and she just celebrated 5 years blogging. Wow. So many great posts to read over there, it's going to take me forever to catch up. This one really sums up how I am feeling right now being back at work - Grass. Greener.

- this awesome art table spotted on Ohdeedoh. Wonder if I could DIY something similar?

- loved the book The Happiness Project and I love reading her blog. Discovered a great gardening blog via this inspiring interview too.

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