Friday, June 24, 2011

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Summer. That is all.

Kidding. Well, not really. I am so pleased that summer vacation is finally here and I have 58 glorious days ahead of me to enjoy my sweet little boy who has somehow grown into the most hilarious 1.5 year old ever. He is adding words to his vocabulary every day (bucket, shovel and lake being favourites these days) and just can't stop talking up a storm. I am so happy to be a teacher and have these 2 months off at such a fun time in H's development!

I am actually really looking forward to going back to school in September too.....because I will be working part-time and could not be happier about it! I will be in a teacher-librarian role, which has me very excited for some professional growth and many new projects and opportunities. Not to mention having my office in my favourite part of the school - the LIBRARY! Woo!!

As I always do at the end of June, I am working on a list of things I would like to do this summer, both in the house and outside the house. I am thinking of having a to-do jar to pick from each day....I have 28 ideas so far, but could probably multiply some tasks (like organizing our basement - ugh!) to break them up into more workable bits of time.

Here are a few fun things/outings:

- Try a new recipe (I'm all about summer salads these days.....any suggestions?)
- make popsicles in my PC Rocket Popsicle Molds.
- write a card to a friend and send in the mail
- pack a giveaway bag for charity
- do an art project with H (going to get some ideas here)
- go to the farmer's market
- go to the zoo (maybe see the breakdancing gorilla at the Calgary Zoo!)
- go to the library
- go for coffee at Phil & Sebastian. Yum.
- visit a friend
- try a new park (will be using Calgary Playground Review for sure!)

And a few organizational tasks that I think could be accomplished in a naptime:

- organize the pantry
- organize the under sink cabinet in the master bath (hair products overload in there!)
- organize my recipe binder
- organize and print recent photos
- organize the basement (this would take multiple naptimes...maybe 10? our basement is a disaster!)

I am thinking it will be kind of fun to pick a task each day, and it will force me to stay on track with the fun and not-so-fun items on my to-do list this summer!

What is on your list?

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