Monday, September 26, 2011

:: if you've been coveting birchbox, you will love luxebox here in canada! ::

Birchbox - only available in the USA :(
Luxebox - for makeup lovers here in Canada!

I read about Birchbox in a magazine recently (maybe Lucky? It's my favourite shopping mag) and was wishing that something like this would come to Canada so that I could get a lovely wrapped gift of deluxe beauty samples each month in the mail. 

Looks like my wish has been granted!

I got an email from Chatelaine today, another one of my favourite magazines (and so very Canadian too!), inviting me to try LuxeBox, the Canadian equivalent of Birchbox and I decided to sign up and try a month. I promise to blog about it once I receive it! I am thinking this would be a fun Christmas gift for my Mom and sister....yep, I am already planning and purchasing Christmas gifts....even though we are enjoying the most lovely summery weather here in Calgary lately!

Wouldn't you love to open a fancy box like this each month and then play dress-up with your new make-up? If you want to sign up along with me, click here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

:: what i've been up to ::

The first weeks of September are always a whirlwind, but this year is especially busy. I am love love LOVING my new job as teacher-librarian and if you follow me on instagram or twitter, you have probably been bombarded by posts about all the great books I get to read all day. I got to relive my childhood as I paged through the re-released series The Babysitter's Club yesterday. I seriously have the best job ever!

We are having a relaxing family weekend and trying to accomplish a few projects around the house. We finally put up our Ikea spice rack bookshelves in H's room. They only hold a few books each so they don't totally solve our book storage issue (we have so many - which I love!) but they are right at his level and he is enjoying picking out his favourites all by himself. He is currently loving anything Eric Carle, and his Babar "elf-fent!" book. 

Hope I haven't lost too many of you with my sporadic blogging. I have so many ideas and so little time, even with working part-time this year. Hopefully once I feel a bit more settled into my new position at work I can get back to posting more than once a week.



Wednesday, September 7, 2011