Thursday, March 29, 2012

:: on repeat - everything at once {lenka} ::

Everything At Once - promo video from LenkaMusic on Vimeo.

Stealing a page from Andrea's book with the post title today. I love her whole blog, but especially her "on repeat" posts for finding new music :)

My husband saw this ad on our Lion King DVD, he knew I would love the song, and downloaded Lenka's CD, which I am really enjoying lately. Everything at Once is such a fun and cheerful song....and it is too cute to hear Hunter sing along!

p.s check out Lenka's site to hear her singing the song with fan lyrics - what dedication! Can't wait to hear about her new addition coming very soon. Also, I think I want to be her best friend, check out what she tweeted that she was making during a crafternoon. A girl after my own heart!

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