Wednesday, March 28, 2012

:: toddlers & haircuts ::

Hunter loves to practice his hair cutting skills with Toca Boca Hair Salon {love the bow placement}

His hair had gotten pretty long of late, and since it was making a pretty mean bathtime mohawk, we knew it was time for a trim.

I wasn't ready to cut off too much length...mostly because I love nothing more than a cute bedheaded boy :)

But...Daddy got carried away with the clippers, and now we have a clean-cut little faux-hawk instead of a Bieber-do. I don't think he could ever not look cute {I am his mommy after all}
His smart new haircut hasn't dimished his mischeviousness though. He really enjoyed rolling his "bumba-bee" into his new blocks today.

Do you cut your child's hair? Ever botched it like we did with too-short clippers?
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