Wednesday, March 21, 2012

:: what i've been up to lately - eating & enjoying life with my sweet boy ::

I've really missed blogging the past month. I've got loads of ideas and inspiration to blog about, but I've been busy focusing on a few personal goals I have, including spending more time making healthy and more adventurous foods, exercising (doing the 30 day shred with my amazing & supportive hubby!), and just enjoying time with my sweet little boy.

It's been just over a month since we lost our second baby, and having a few goals to work on has really helped me put our situation into perspective. We are so blessed with so many things....most of all, our cute, hilarious and all around wonderful little boy. I'm looking forward to welcoming spring weather with a fresh outlook on life.

If you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen all these photos, but they sum up what we have been up to the last little while!

H was sick last month, but this tray of goodies helped him get his appetite back. Thanks to Pinterest for the creative idea!

I just love my job as a teacher-librarin {and the "homework"}

Roasted veggies are a favourite around here. This balsamic roasted cauliflower recipe did not disappoint.

I had fun crafting a few things for my nieces' birthdays. I loved this apron since it hid my less than stellar sewing skills :)

Such a quick craft - and got the Hubs off my back for saving so many jars!

I love taking H to work with me. Such a fun environment for him - and the students treat him like a celebrity!

These kale chips are super tasty thanks to the tahini based dressing. Recipe here.

Smitten Kitchen never disappoints. I was shocked when the Hubs preferred the lentil & sweet potato curry to the butter chicken!

I love reading Chatelaine magazine - especially the recipe section. I modified these crostini by using goat cheese and adding the arugula on top. The avocado pasta from Canadian blog Oh She Glows! was so yummy - almost like a cream sauce....almost.

wow. yum. omg. who knew brussel sprouts could taste so good? The aioli was equally yummy. I cut the fat by using 0% greek yogurt. It was great with raw veggies the next day.

Did some spring shopping at H&M - love the coloured pants, and their cardigans for boys are always so's one of the only places I can find things I like for boys. No trucks or dinosaurs on everything!

I keep thinking he can't get any cuter/funnier/enjoyable and then he wakes up and it's a new, even more wonderful day. I am so so lucky.

p.s I am also so lucky to have such amazing and supportive readers. Thank you all so much for your encouraging messages following our loss. Much love to you all.
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