Saturday, November 24, 2012

:: no time to blog - too busy nesting ::

a few things I have ready to put up in the nursery!

After dealing with a man cold and then a mom cold (which one was worse? guess!) over the last two weeks, it only seems natural that my nesting instinct would kick in as soon as I felt remotely better. My drive to purge, clean & organize has been ridiculous this week and I've accomplished many random tasks and seem to lay awake at night thinking of more! So far I have:

- cleaned out and organized all the under-sink cabinets (kitchen, bathrooms)
- organized all my craft supplies into clear containers (for all the crafting I'll have time to do once the baby is born - ha!)
- organized all the christmas presents I have already bought into piles and made lists of what is left to buy
- cleaned out our files (that was a huge one!)
- made one of these pinterest binders with all of our manuals & reciepts for items.
- cleaned & organized our fridge and freezer.
- put together Hunter's new double bed in his room with the most awesome plaid sheets ever.
- put up some of our Christmas decorations....the snowy weather tempted me and I couldn't wait any longer!

H's new bed

But most importantly....we painted the nursery the most beautiful pale pale blue (Promise by Sarah Richardson for Para Paints) and today we will be putting together the crib and hanging a few things on the walls. Our vintage storybook theme is coming together nicely and I think it's going to be the perfect gender-neutral room for this librarian mommy.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I hope to be back with some nursery sneak peeks soon :)

p.s Just so you can appreciate how huge I am while scrubbing & organizing my house, here is a comparison picture between 40 weeks with Hunter, and 35 weeks with this baby. I'm hoping I don't get much bigger in the next weeks!

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