Monday, February 20, 2012

:: pinterest-inspired pantry makeover ::

I've been on a "Pinned it & Did it" roll this weekend! After the exciting Saturday night of baking banana bread, I decided I was sick and tired of my disorganized pantry with it's piles of bags of baking supplies, pastas, rice, beans and all sorts of other things, and that I needed to make a trip to Ikea to buy a few new things to get it in order. I had a sheet of sticky chalkboard paper from a decal I had bought at Winners for a previous project and decided I would use that to cut out labels for all my new glass jars. I love how it turned out!

the new and improved pantry

dollar store buckets for onions & garlic (repurposed from our laundry room)

ikea baskets to organize bags of pasta, rice and beans (that used to drive me crazy in a messy pile!)

ikea jars, along with repurposed mason jars & bonne maman jam jars for all our dry goods.

I always keep the plastic containers from our spinach/mixed greens/produce. They are in organizational use all over our house, in bathroom drawers, cabinets and now, in the pantry to organize tea :)


these dollar store buckets house our snacks (we have a chip addiction at our house), crackers, cereals, and bags of flour. We also have a space for lunch snacks and for potatoes and other root veggies. The space behind the cereal and flour holds the huge bags of rice, oats, and other things that still had leftovers when I moved them into the Ikea jars.

It's certainly not as perfect looking as some of the ones on Pinterest, but this is our REAL pantry with all the stuff we really eat. I was tempted to leave some things out for the pictures, but I wanted to be honest with all of you!

I noticed many of the prettiest ones on pinterest are filled with beautiful coloured bottles of sparkling water, and Duggar-sized amounts of canned goods, and they don't look all that realistic to me. Nonetheless, they provided the inspiration to get our pantry in order, and I am in love with it.  For $35 worth of Ikea jars/baskets and a little bit of creativity repurposing some things I already had - I think it is a great improvement on the previous mess :) I keep opening the door just to peek inside again, and hopefully that is going to inspire some new and exciting meals at our house.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

:: pinned it and did it {yay me!} ::

I've been on Pinterest for a while now, and my best description for it is inspiration overload. I love pinning all the wonderful ideas on there, but I wasn't getting around to making many of them (mostly because I was too busy pinning MORE ideas!)

I've really been enjoying Jen's BlogTalk series on her blog, and this quote from Pinterest founder Ben Silberman really resonated with me:

I've created a new board called "pinned it & did it" to keep me accountable to actually getting out and doing some of the things I am pinning. If you don't see it growing regularly, feel free to kick me in the butt to get moving on some projects! I've already got quite a few on there, and a few more in the works, since I am planning a Pinterest crafternoon with some friends to check off some of the crafts we've had on our boards for a long time!

My latest "pinned it and did it" project was an exciting Saturday night Battle of the Banana Breads - I had pinned two new recipes, one super healthy one with no sugar or oil, and one moderately healthy one with reduced butter and the addition of yogurt. I tested them against the Joy of Cooking's Banana Bread Cockaigne, and had the Hubs and little H taste test them for me.

 Battle of the Banana Breads

Dinner with Julie's banana bread with yogurt (I added a few fair-trade chocolate chips & walnuts too)

Joy of Cooking's Banana Bread Cockaigne with walnuts

Pinterest-inspired healthy whole wheat Banana bread without oil or sugar (used honey & applesauce)

The winner was..... Dinner with Julie's recipe!  don't think any of her recipes have ever failed me. The super healthy one was surprisingly good too, but needs some butter/peanut butter/cream cheese/nutella spread on it to give it some more taste. The Joy of Cooking one was super sweet in comparison to the other two; definitely more of a banana cake than a banana bread that you would eat with breakfast.

It was a fun project, and I now have a new go-to recipe for a family favourite :)

Are you on Pinterest? How do you balance pinning beautiful things, and actually sitting down and making them?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

:: happy love day ::

Feeling so grateful for my boys today. Happy Valentine's day to you and yours.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

:: taking back good news ::

How do you take back your good news online?

Will it be enough that I will no longer be tweeting with the hashtag #pregnancycravings?

Or that I'll stop posting belly pics and blogging about maternity clothes?

We received some heartbreaking news today, that our much loved, eagerly awaited and dreamed about second baby had stopped growing at 11 weeks and no longer showed a heartbeat. I should be celebrating 15 weeks in pregnancy number two....but instead I'm trying to hide my tears from my sweet, concerned and sympathetic toddler, and trying to figure out how I'll get through the sad weeks ahead.

I announced my pregnancy right around the 12 week mark on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and, of course, here on my blog. What can I say? I was proud and excited and wanted to shout from the rooftops how happy we were to be expecting a sibling for our little boy. It never crossed my mind that how hard it would be to feel the need to want to erase all those happy posts and responses, but here I am.

Although it's hard to have to take back our good news, the support we have already received from our friends, both in real life and online is amazing. We are sad, but hopeful that one day we will have a healthy little baby to add to our family.

I might be a little quiet on the blog for a while. See you when I am feeling better.....

- Morgan

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

:: taking time to snap the everyday moments ::

waking up face

jumping like a monkey

my favourite scrunched up smiley face

"i'm a yion, rawr!"

I was organizing my photos on my computer recently and found that I averaged 400-800 photos a month since Hunter was born. Lately I have really been slacking in the mamarazzi department. It's been a while since I broke out the real camera to snap some shots on a regular day. I rely on my iPhone way too much, and though I love some of the pictures I've taken on there (Instagram always makes them look better too!) it's just not as sharp as the real thing.

I am always so inspired by Andrea of Pink Sugar photography and the beauty she finds in the everyday moments with her clients, and her own beautiful kids so I am determined to learn more about my camera this year. {have you visited her new blog yet? It's all kinds of awesome}

I took these of Hunter as he woke up from his nap today, wearing his favourite "hockey shirt".....I love when he wakes up in a silly, giddy, animal-imitating mood!