{ one day at a time }

I have adapted some routines from FlyLady to fit into my lifestyle as a new mom. Here is the little things we do each day to allow me to feel like a modern housewife keeping it all together (most of the time!)

The Bare Minimum - these are the must-do's each day

1. Get dressed right away and start your day - don't lounge around in your PJ's. Get up, get showered, dressed and put on a little makeup as soon as your little one awakes for the day. You will be soooo much more productive. Be presentable enough that you would be comfortable answering the door or popping out for coffee with a friend. 

2. Unload the dishwasher and load dishes in as you go all day - a clean kitchen makes it bearable to think about making dinner later in the day. Trust me.

3. Put in a load of laundry - a load a day keeps the mountain away. This load needs to be washed, dried, folded and put away today. Folding one little load of laundry is borderline fun! It will take you no time at all and prevent you from sacrificing a whole day staying at home dealing with Mount Laundry.

4. Reset your house before bed - do a quick sweep of your house at night, no more than 15 minutes, putting things in their places, cleaning up the kitchen and setting the dishwasher to be clean in the morning, putting away toys, hanging up clothes. A little bit of house cleaning each day keeps the explosion look away. If you make lunch for your hubs, make yourself a lunch too! For some reason, lunch is the hardest meal for me to make for myself during the day, leaving me starving at 3pm every day. Don't forget to reload the diaper bag too so you are ready to go the next day. Set anything you will need by the door as well. 

5. Take some you time - let your little one have some jumperoo or playmat time while you drink a hot cup of tea and relax for a bit. You SO deserve it!

Stay tuned for more info or check out my previous posts about the routines.